Tube Splitting

Tube splitting is a technique used to estimate the through-wall circumferential residual stresses in thin-walled tubing.

How Does It Work?

The technique involves measuring the outside diameter of a tube before and after splitting the tube along the lengthwise line. The diameter change is used to estimate the circumferential residual stress on the inside and outside diameters and the linear stress distribution through the wall.


  • All testing is done per ASTM specification E1928
Tube Splitting

How are Lambda’s services superior?

Lambda is a recognized leader in the field of residual stress measurement, with extensive experience testing all types of materials, including metallics, ceramics, and polymers of nearly any shape and size.

  • We can test components in our laboratory or in the field
  • All residual stress measurements are performed by our certified residual stress engineers and technicians
  • Lambda does not subcontract residual stress testing to a third party

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