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Surface Treatment Services

Lambda Technologies Group specializes in surface treatment services that impart compressive residual stress in order to improve component performance and extend component life.

Our unique processes have a long history of success in mitigating failure mechanisms, such as metal fatigue, stress corrosion cracking, pitting, fretting, and foreign object damage (FOD), among others.

We deliver turn-key surface treatment services that we customize to the requirements of each application. Processing can take place during manufacturing or maintenance operations in either the customer’s facility, Lambda’s production facility in Cincinnati, Ohio, or in-situ using CNC machine tools or robots.

Our Resources Section includes all of our technical papers, case studies, diffraction notes, and downloads. This is a source of research and education materials on the understanding, measurement, and control of residual stress.


Low Plasticity Burnishing (LPB®) >

is our patented and award-winning surface treatment solution used in thousands of critical components around the world.


Controlled Plasticity Burnishing (CPB™) >

is a variation on our award-winning LPB treatment, specifically designed for applications where low cold work isn’t necessary.


Controlled Impact Burnishing (CIB™) >

is a process to treat vulnerable areas of a component with highly controlled impacts to impart a deep, stable layer of beneficial compressive residual stress.

Rolling >

is a traditional burnishing process in which a tool is rolled across the surface with enough force to impart beneficial compressive residual stress.

Shot Peening Optimization >

is a service in which our engineers tailor the shot peening specifications of a part to achieve optimum fatigue results with the fastest processing times.

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