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Lambda Technologies Group specializes in understanding, measurement, and control of residual stress.

Beneficial compressive residual stress applied appropriately mitigates failure mechanisms such as metal fatigue, stress corrosion cracking (SCC), pitting, fretting, and foreign object damage (FOD), among others.

Our expertise in both materials testing and life extension technologies allows us to provide you with a unique, total solutions approach to improve component life and performance.

Learn how our Process Design works and how we provide a total engineering solution for fatigue and stress corrosion cracking problems.

We have been studying materials for over four decades and have more than 150 years of combined experience with well over 20,000 research programs.

We hold numerous U.S. and international patents about residual stress measurement and surface treatments to apply designed residual compression, including our renowned Low Plasticity Burnishing (LPB®) technique.

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History of Lambda Technologies Group


Paul S. Prevéy, III and Professor B.D. Cullity, author of “Elements of X-Ray Diffraction,” start an accredited, independent laboratory specializing in X-ray diffraction and materials testing called Lambda Research, Inc.


Residual stress-based research at Lambda Research, Inc. leads to the invention of Low Plasticity Burnishing (LPB®).


A new division called Surface Enhancement Technologies, LLC (SET) is created to implement Lambda-developed surface treatment solutions in the business world.


Lambda Technologies Group is created to encompass both Lambda Research, Inc., a world-class X-ray testing facility, and SET, a multi-faceted engineering, and production enterprise for surface treatment solutions.


Lambda Technologies Group works around the world to offer complete surface treatment solutions, ground-breaking research and materials laboratory services.

Key Staff

Paul S. Prevey

Paul S. Prevey

CEO & Director of Engineering at Surface Enhancement Technologies, LLC

Douglas J. Hornbach

Douglas J. Hornbach

CEO of Lambda Research, Inc.

Dr. N. Jayaraman

Dr. N. Jayaraman

Director of Materials Research

Kimberly Bellamy

Kimberly Bellamy

VP Contracting & Customer Relations

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