Residual Stress Measurement

Lambda Technologies operates Lambda Research, a world-class laboratory facility and the preeminent source of residual measurement and analysis worldwide. Lambda delivers quality-driven, reliable results in a timely manner to a wide range of industrial, government and academic clients.

Most of our residual stress testing equipment is designed and built in-house. Control and data reduction software is developed and written by Lambda to provide the most accurate testing systems available. Lambda has experience in testing all types of materials, including metallics, ceramics, and polymers. We can test components of nearly any shape and size at our laboratory or in the field.

With over 200 years of combined experience and more than half a million competed measurements, Lambda is a name people trust. Certified residual stress engineers and technicians provide exact results and in-depth analysis, so we can offer more than just data. By combining our residual stress measurement capabilities with our residual stress design expertise and surface enhancement services, we provide our customers with complete solutions for optimal component performance.