Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics

LEFM can be used to predict cracking behavior and life of structures.

Lambda uses linear elastic fracture mechanics (LEFM) computer codes to predict the fatigue crack growth behavior of structures with a variety of damage and loading geometries. LEFM codes are routinely used to solve crack growth behavior under complex load history and residual stress distribution from processes such as LPB® and shot peening.

The field of LEFM deals with the fundamental understanding of cracking of structures leading to final failure. LEFM is used to predict fatigue crack growth behavior and life of structures.

Lambda’s solutions to problems are frequently obtained by adopting a systems approach to include stress solutions from finite element analysis (FEA), with the knowledge of residual stresses from x-ray diffraction analysis, and LEFM codes.

Verification of such predictions is always obtained through in-house fatigue tests of laboratory specimens, component specific feature specimens, and actual components.

Linear Elastic Frac Mech image

Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics LEFM provides our customers with powerful solutions to mitigate many damage mechanisms.

Questions about how Lambda can use LEFM to extend the life of your parts?

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