Controlled Impact Burnishing

Lambda’s Controlled Impact Burnishing (CIB™) process offers versatility and power for creating residual compression in applications with rough surfaces, difficult to machine pieces and in hard to reach areas. CIB offers:

  • Easy adaptability to surfaces of welds, castings or with other irregularities
  • Complete control of the density of coverage
  • Programmable force to create fields of residual compression designed for the application
  • 100% reproducibility, with 6-axis CNC tool positioning control
  • Real time monitoring and recording of CIB forces to confirm processing
  • Robotic automation means CIB requires minimal operator intervention 
  • No surface coatings are required, so no debris is produced during treatment
  • Controlled impact burnishing requires only one processing cycle regardless of the depth of compression required
  • Very deep residual compression

 CIB offers a completely controlled solution to eliminate failure from SCC, fatigue, fretting and more. Unlike shot peening, CIB is not random, but completely controlled, and can produce a tailored  residual stress field designed for your component--the same way every time.  CIB is the ideal surface treatment to improve the fatigue and SCC performance of the critical fusion zone, weld toe and heat-affected-zones of welded structures and components.


Ask us anything about our patent pending Controlled Impact Burnishing process. Find out how the CIB process can be a cost-effective method for protecting your critical components. Contact us now at (800) 883-0851 or by email.


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CIB Stress Profile

CIB Stress Profile